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                           by   Mike  Hasler


"Year of the Dragon"

Pecan on Walnut
    26" X 11"
"Blue Tongued Dragon"
12" X 8"

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"WOODEN knot ART"  the BIO

In the fall of 2000, while recuperating from a near death experience or three, I started seeing things in my sons wooden fence.  The knots and grain of the wood looked like animals heads and bodies.  My own clouds that don't move!  An epiphany, not induced by morphine or the like.  The idea simmered for two years while I figured out the mechanics of what I would need to do to have others see what I saw.

In the fall of 2002 while in Ruidoso, New Mexico, after having a dream, I made the decision to try to bring out the forms that I saw. My first piece was to have been 3 ducklings swimming. It ended up being 2 ducklings(learning the tools and craft had started).The progression has left me in awe as my new Art took on a life of it's own.After finishing a piece, I sense it was already there and was now as it should be.An eerie sense of the SPIRIT of the wood was bringing me to do what the nature of the wood already had in mind.

    I've always enjoyed drawing and art. My technique for pencil drawing is to lay down lines in the general way I want, then remove the lines I don't like.  Not a natural artist, more of a mechanic, hence my occupations: motorcycle, helicopter and automotive mechanic, tool and die apprentice and mfg. plant maintenance.  The same technique of line removal is what I use to create my works. Removal of lines of wood that don't belong.

    My works are all original, each very different. Though a few subjects keep arising, such as horses, whales, elephants and birds, probably my TOTEM.  Most of my works are not in the traditional wood carvers form.  I prefer hardwoods with knots, not clear basswood.  I make what I see in the wood, not something of a commercial value as in Santa's for Christmas. I try not to use realism, though I hint at it by doing very detailed work on the sections I want to highlight, while trying to let the wood tell most of the story. The obsession is there and not a clue as to where it will lead. The real enjoyment comes from seeing someone look at my work and get a big smile on their face when they realize what their looking at.  Then to hear how people start to see things of their own, in pieces of wood. Maybe their own spirits are talking to them!

I hope you enjoy them also.


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